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Why am I charged a Connection/Disconnection Fee?

These fees usually relate to setting up your services or for the finalisation of your account may include a final meter reading or isolation of your service. We aim to keep these charges to a minimum however due to some external costs these are unavoidable.

What do I do if I think my meter reading is inaccurate or meter is defective?

Customers can request a second reading if they believe their meter to be defective. However if your meter is determined to be in working order you will be charged a fee for the inspection. Keep in mind that our meters test with more than 99.5 percent accuracy, so a meter problem is rare.

I don’t want to sign up for Direct Debit, what are my options?

Direct Debit payment is a condition for all residential customers of Active Utilities. If you would like to dispute something in your bill you can contact us within the 21 days before your account is debited. As Residential customers are not restricted to an Agreement Term, they are free to choose another retailer at any stage.

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