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We understand business utilities because we’re a business too. Effectively managing your energy use can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Energy Providers

Active Utilities is an electricity provider via embedded networks. Embedded electricity networks in multi-level and multi tenanted buildings work via the concept of economies of scale – rather than each tenant purchasing their own electricity, the energy is centralised for all tenants via a single metered point. .

Active Utilities installs a parent meter and purchases electricity for the entire building as a large market customer (at a wholesale rate). Private sub metering is then installed to measure each tenant’s individual electricity usage to be billed separately and electricity is provided at lower market rates.

For many multi-tenanted residential and commercial buildings, an embedded electricity network is not only more convenient but is also cost effective.

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Services and Benefits

Strong working relationships with leading technology, electricity installation and utility suppliers and partners means our business customers benefit from:

  • Discounted energy rates through our bulk buying ability
  • Electricity generated from clean, renewable resources like wind or solar. Simply select 100%, 50%, 25% or 10% as a proportion of your overall use and we’ll do the rest
  • Proven cost savings for current business partners
  • A convenient single bill for all your Active Utilities services
  • Online account management with access to current and past billing details
  • Responsive and personalised customer care without hassle
  • Rapid response for connection and disconnection
  • 24/7 helpdesk support
  • Practical monthly billing to help plan your cash flow, including flexible payment options.


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