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Embedded Network Manager

Your Accredited Embedded Network Manager 

Commencing 1 December 2017, the Australian Energy Markets Commission (AEMC) & Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO) are introducing new reforms to the Electricity market which aims to improve access to retail competition for customers in Embedded Networks (EN).

Accordingly, the existing Network Exemption Guideline (which details how EN’s should operate) has been amended to support and facilitate this increased access to retail competition. A key change is the introduction of a new role: an accredited service provider known as the Embedded Network Manager (ENM).

For your site to comply with these changes, you will need to appoint an ENM. As an accredited ENM, Active Utilities can provide your site with compliant management of the following:

  • Facilitate Power of Choice within the Network;
  • Maintain Meter Register for Parent and Non EN participants;
  • Issue National Meter Identifiers to new Non EN participants;
  • Perform the role of the Distribution Company for all Non EN participants;
  • Keep on record Single Line Diagrams and Network Design;
  • Act as the central contact point for related network queries with relevant bodies;
  • Provide annual regulatory reporting for all Non EN participants; and
  • The above services will be provided in accordance with the AEMC Power of Choice Reforms.

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