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Electric Vehicle Solutions

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are increasing in popularity due to their low operating cost, their improved environmental profile compared to traditional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles, their quiet ride and other factors. Globally, we face the major challenge of providing EV charging solutions at home, work and in public for this growing group of drivers.

One sub-population is facing challenges: those EV drivers that live-in buildings that house multiple residents who want to charge where they live. Questions are inevitably raised related to who pays for the EV charging infrastructure, especially when there are common costs (e.g. association fees, utilities) and the benefits of installing such EV infrastructure are perceived as benefitting only those who would charge their EV’s. In conjunction with some of the world’s largest vendors, AU presents unique model that addresses the above concerns and offers a new way to look at EV’s in Australia.

Our Services and Benefits

  • Improved energy efficiency (load management) via reduction in infrastructure costs due to the ability to schedule charging times i.e. use power when the building has low demand;
  • Create an equitable “user pays” distribution of costs;
  • Ease of operation and maintenance;
  • Reliability & decreased life-cycle costs;
  • Decreased building capital costs;
  • Ability to have EV costs billed on consolidated energy account via an Embedded Network (if app);
  • Enjoy the same discounted energy tariffs for their EV as for their home; and
  • Electric Vehicles help improve local air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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