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District Heating & Cooling

District energy systems produce steam, hot water or chilled water at a central plant. The steam, hot water or chilled water is then piped throughout a building or site to individual tenants for space heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning. As a result, individual buildings served by a district energy network don’t require their own boilers, chillers or air conditioners. The district energy system does that work for them, providing valuable benefits.

Network Benefits

  • Create an equitable “user pays” distribution of costs (over traditional SQM cost recovery);
  • Improved energy efficiency;
  • Enhanced environmental protection;
  • Fuel flexibility;
  • Ease of operation and maintenance;
  • Reliability, comfort and convenience for tenants;
  • Decreased life-cycle costs;
  • Decreased building capital costs; and
  • Improved architectural design flexibility.

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