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Consolidation of Building Services

Under the Federal Government’s new scheme for the National Broadband Network (NBN) infrastructure roll out, developers are now playing a much bigger role in how their properties gain access to the NBN.

New reforms as recommended in the ‘Vertigan Report’ will:
“…encourage a more competitive, responsive telecommunications market to complement the Government’s goal of completing the NBN as quickly as possible to ensure all Australians have access to affordable high-speed broadband.”
Simply put, Greenfield sites must now contribute to the cost associated with the installation of the NBN network.


Introducing COBS

Prior to and complimenting this revised policy, private NBN compliant network design has evolved. What this means is that a Developer can install a FTTH network, at a lower cost than that of NBNCo*, provision multiple building services over the network and still give tenants access to the outside high speed network environment even if the NBN hasn’t been connected in their area.
Active Utilities COBS Network (Consolidation of Building Services) provides a lower cost more advanced network that will future proof any building. We deliver a full open source carrier grade Network that is 100% NBN compliant focused on delivering industry grade technologies to your site more efficiently and more practically to suit multi-tenant estates and buildings.

Upper West Side

How does a developer get 15,5 Million KWh of power per annum to 2500 tenants without anyone blowing a fuse? A new site test case on how to save money…


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