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Embedded Networks

Active Utilities is the leader in Embedded Networks for multilevel developments, commercial and retail complexes, residential estates and greenfield estates.

Embedded network (EN) is the term used to describe a private electricity distribution network for a multi tenanted building, such as an apartment block or a retail complex, where the tenants join to form a ‘buying group’. Procurement of electricity is managed at a cheaper bulk rate via centralized purchasing on behalf of multiple tenants.

Embedded Networks are suited to multi tenanted buildings which have the benefit of one controlling entity.

Benefits of an Embedded Network to a Developer / Property Manager

  • Infrastructure savings in the implementation of the Embedded Network
  • Potential for an additional revenue stream from on selling utilities
  • Private Metering technology which can add to Green Star initiatives

Benefits of an Embedded Network to a Tenant

  • Access to significantly discounted rates
  • A more responsive and personalized level of service than is usually associated with the utilities industry
  • Online access to account and billing history
  • Maintaining “freedom of choice” when selecting an electricity provider.
High Voltage Embedded Networks

High Voltage Embedded Networks

In large multistage developments, Active Utilities is at the forefront of creating specialized private High Voltage Embedded Networks. Active Utilities gives greater control of the process to the developer to take on the design, construction and operational requirements of managing an electricity network.

Utility Services

Active Utilities is Australia’s leading innovator and provider of utilities services and utilities management to multi tenanted locations. Active Utilities is a fully integrated utilities company, supplying homes and businesses with electricity, bulk hot water, heating/cooling, telco services and ongoing support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A leader in providing Utilities as a Service (UaaS), Active Utilities offers the highest level of support for the maintenance and management of multi tenanted facilities and assets. Through a pro-active utilities management focus, Active Utilities can set up and continue to service and manage a varied range of installations for business parks, multi-storey office, retail and residential developments across the country.

What sets Active Utilities apart is that it has been leading the industry for more than a decade and continues to develop and innovate with the latest technology being installed across its sites. Active Utilities is paving the way for electric vehicle charging solutions, solar generation solutions, energy reporting and building optimization software.

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